Vibro-Acoustics’ Floating Floors reduce the need for massive building construction by providing sound transmission loss between two spaces—for example, between a mechanical room and the noise-sensitive area above or below it. Floating Floor systems with different types of molded neoprene, rubber mounts or springs create an air space between the building structural slab and the Floating Floor slab. This composite construction has a sound transmission loss equivalent to a much thicker and heavier concrete floor slab, significantly reducing the building support structure required and saving height. If heavy equipment has to be mounted on the floor, careful location and selection of mounts is critical to prevent cracking of the Floating Floor slab. Vibro-Acoustics can provide structural and seismic restraint design for our Floating Floors. Typical locations for installing Floating Floors & Ceilings are above or below chiller rooms,generator rooms, symphony halls, opera halls, theaters, recording studios, libraries, galleries, auditoriums, music rooms, gymnasiums, squash courts and on roofs between sensitive spaces and fly-by noise sources – any application that requires sound transmission to be reduced.