Sound Attenuators are used in HVAC applications to reduce the noise passage through the ducts that is caused by the airflow from the Evaporating units. Careful study and analysis of the site conditions is made to design and customize the attenuators. They are manufactured in our own manufacturing setup and in compliance with the iSO 9001 standards. We are the licensee of Vibro-Acoustics, Canada for manufacturing and seiiing their products related to acoustics.

We also have division for Acoustics, which caters to products and services pertaining to the elimination of unwanted noise in various HVAC and other large scale applications.


These products are custom fabricated and are suitable for noise control in huge enclosed spaces like auditoriums, theaters etc. These panels stuck to the ceiling wall and cladding help in acoustic absorption and echo control.


These products are used to control the noise caused due to huge mechanical / electrical machines such as chillers, generators, etc.


These products are used to absorb the noise caused due to vibrations from different sources. Wide range includes floor-mounted, suspended type, spring or rubber pad type.


More than 50 years of experience have taught Vibro-Acoustics even the best HVAC noise and vibration control products can do more harm than good when improperly applied. For that reason, Vibro-Acoustics focuses first and foremost on the proper application of our wide range of products. Rather than merely standing behind our products’ catalog ratings, we provide guarantees for the end result—the occupied space sound criteria.

We deliver these results by working closely with HVAC engineers at the design stage and through diligent project coordination with installing contractors and local sales representatives.

Vibro-Acoustics’ HVAC silencers are used in commercial, institutional and residential buildings to reduce mechanical equipment noise transmitted through the ducting system achieving desired noise criteria in the occupied space. Our silencers are also often used for un-ducted systems such as air cooled chillers, cooling towers and electrical generators to prevent environmental noise complaints. We offer all Vibro- Acoustics silencers in a variety of designs to meet specific project requirements. Performance varies with the design, and careful application of these silencers is critical to achieve design goals.

Vibro-Acoustics provides the application engineering services required to ensure all HVAC silencer designs will suit the type of facility and system configuration. Vibro-Acoustics HVAC silencers are available in the required size and configuration to fit the ducting system as designed without compromising performance, space, pressure drop or project cost.

Typical applications are silencing for air handling units, axial fans, inline centrifugal fans, mixed flow fans and roof exhaust fans – any mechanical equipment that is or incorporates an air-moving device.


Vibro-Acoustics’ Floating Floors reduce the need for massive building construction by providing sound transmission loss between two spaces—for example, between a mechanical room and the noise-sensitive area above or below it. Floating Floor systems with different types of molded neoprene, rubber mounts or springs create an air space between the building structural slab and the Floating Floor slab. This composite construction has a sound transmission loss equivalent to a much thicker and heavier concrete floor slab, significantly reducing the building support structure required and saving height. If heavy equipment has to be mounted on the floor, careful location and selection of mounts is critical to prevent cracking of the Floating Floor slab. Vibro-Acoustics can provide structural and seismic restraint design for our Floating Floors. Typical locations for installing Floating Floors & Ceilings are above or below chiller rooms,generator rooms, symphony halls, opera halls, theaters, recording studios, libraries, galleries, auditoriums, music rooms, gymnasiums, squash courts and on roofs between sensitive spaces and fly-by noise sources – any application that requires sound transmission to be reduced.


Prime Star Technologies with expertise from Vibro-Acoustics provides a full line of Extreme Event Engineering services. Our objective is to help consultants, contractors and owners achieve code compliance for seismic and wind activity. We believe that through experienced advice and education, we can help our customers better understand their local building code and the involved risks. We are committed to reducing the risks associated with restraint design and code compliance for all of our consultant and contractor customers.
Our Services includes:
-Anchorage Calculations
-Providing latest Building Code Expertise

-Providing Onsite Coordination