GFS mbH Germany, a European renowned original equipment manufacturer for Emergency Lighting & Power Systems have 3 decades of long experience in R&D, engineering, designing, manufacturing and implementation and offers wide range of solutions as follows:

DZB-TSI AC/AC Emergency Lighting – UL listed
NZB AC/DC Emergency Lighting – EN certified
SZB AC/DC Emergency Lighting – EN certified
Central Inverter Power Supply – EN certified
DC Charger & Power Supply – EN certified
OP24 Hospital Power Supply – EN certified

GFS produces most innovative, ground breaking technology of 20th century state-of art electronics, modular, plug-in, hot swappable, draw-out encapsulated emergency power supply equipment at their ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified in-house manufacturing facilities in Germany/Europe.

The specialized product line in different sphere of the Industry has presided GFS to harness the world’s latest technologies for Customer’s/Clients benefits.

The modern high-tech production facilities in Europe strictly adopt the golden rules of registered ISO guide lines to consistently deliver ultra high quality, reliability and performance proven products.

Airport, Star Hotels, Shopping Malls, University Complex, Schools, Hospitals, Railway/Metro, Tunnel, High Rise buildings, Power Stations, Museums, Theatres Sports Stadiums, Campus, etc...