More than 50 years of experience have taught Vibro-Acoustics even the best HVAC noise and vibration control products can do more harm than good when improperly applied. For that reason, Vibro-Acoustics focuses first and foremost on the proper application of our wide range of products. Rather than merely standing behind our products’ catalog ratings, we provide guarantees for the end result—the occupied space sound criteria.

We deliver these results by working closely with HVAC engineers at the design stage and through diligent project coordination with installing contractors and local sales representatives.

Vibro-Acoustics’ HVAC silencers are used in commercial, institutional and residential buildings to reduce mechanical equipment noise transmitted through the ducting system achieving desired noise criteria in the occupied space. Our silencers are also often used for un-ducted systems such as air cooled chillers, cooling towers and electrical generators to prevent environmental noise complaints. We offer all Vibro- Acoustics silencers in a variety of designs to meet specific project requirements. Performance varies with the design, and careful application of these silencers is critical to achieve design goals.

Vibro-Acoustics provides the application engineering services required to ensure all HVAC silencer designs will suit the type of facility and system configuration. Vibro-Acoustics HVAC silencers are available in the required size and configuration to fit the ducting system as designed without compromising performance, space, pressure drop or project cost.

Typical applications are silencing for air handling units, axial fans, inline centrifugal fans, mixed flow fans and roof exhaust fans – any mechanical equipment that is or incorporates an air-moving device.